Professional Garage Door Installation

At American Made Overhead Doors we understand that an old, weather-worn garage door can be a spot of serious concern. While aesthetics are important, security is often the larger issue, and the thought that your propety might not be protected is a constant worry. We also understand, however, that purchasing a new door is not as simple or graceful as we would all like. A major cause of this is something a lot of homeowners overlook when getting a new door for their garage: the installation.

Unfortunately, the customer is frequently taken advantage of when trying to buy a new door. When you purchase a door the distributor will often try to tack on an expensive installation fee. They know that, since most of their customers are unable to install the doors on their own, they can get away with charging high rates on installation when you have nowhere else to turn. They prey on their customers to turn a profit, and the consumers can find themselves feeling trapped, and overwhelmed.

Well, we're here to help.

American Made Overhead Doors provides low cost solutions for garage door installation. Our trained employees will carefully handle both the removal of your garage's old door and the installation of the new one. With our years of experience we have the expertise and know-how to deal with the wide range of issues that may come up during the install process. We are familiar with all types of overhead doors and have a proven track record when it comes to successful, complication-free installations.

Our staff's ability allows us to finish the installation of a door very quickly, letting you get back to normal as soon as possible. Because a garage is at its most vulnerable while the door is being installed, we take every precaution during the set up to ensure that your belongings are safe. In fact, because of our years of experience, we can ensure that your new newly installed garage door is as secure as it can be.

When we are done, you can feel comfortable knowing that your garage, and your belongings, are safe and secure. We are proud of the work we do, and you will be too.

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